Orthodontic issues can feel like a big obstacle that’s standing in the way of a better smile or better oral health for you, a child, or a family member. How do you know which treatments are right? Which provider will do the best job at explaining every option and offering dependable, trustworthy service?

When pain, irritation, or lack of confidence have you searching for honest insight and help, we hope you’ll consider Oppenhuizen Orthodontics. In this article we’re going to explain some of the top reasons that patients choose us as their orthodontic provider, and why they continue to return for years to come.


We offer much more than one option.

One size never truly fits all, and every smile is as unique as the patient we’re helping. Rather than assume we know the right answer, or that we know better than you, we instead start with a listening ear and a compassionate approach. Our goal is to understand your needs before ever offering a solution or laying out a potential treatment path.  

After hearing your story and priorities, we’ll realistically assess your needs and clearly explain the available options. We focus on offering accessible and “right-sized” solutions that actually improve your smile and oral health.

Our Fix in Six program is just one example of an innovative approach that we developed to help patients simply straighten their teeth without a long term treatment plan. Within 6 months, patients can experience significant realignment of their teeth using targeted treatment with braces. By matching the right treatment plan to your needs, we avoid unnecessarily expensive or lengthy options.


We serve families, generation after generation.

It’s our privilege and joy to serve families over several generations. Many of our staff members have over 20 years of experience providing orthodontic care, and we often see parents who were patients as children return once they start to have kids of their own. We also have a special heart and desire to help those with special needs get the best smile possible.

While we strive to provide a great experience and excellent service for adults and kids, it’s our patients who say it best:

“I am on my 3rd child with braces.  I love the office staff, and having a choice between locations for appointments. They are very good at what they do in the front office and in the chair. They work hard to make orthodontics affordable, and make everything in the mouth just right. I highly recommend! If child #4 needs orthodontic care, I won’t go anywhere else!”

-Kate Schaap


“I appreciate the second opinion, without pressure to sign up for orthodontic care. We DID choose this office, after using a different office for our other children, and are happy with our decision.”



“Dr. O did my braces as an adult and just finished with one of my sons. He and his staff are very meticulous. They seek perfection and I appreciate the extra time they are willing to take to do that. Orthodontics are an investment and I appreciate how Dr. O takes it very seriously.”

-Tiffany Slikkers


Our specialties serve many needs.

Not all orthodontic needs can be fixed with straightforward braces or standard implements. We help patients with even severe or advanced issues that can cause significant discomfort and lower quality of life. Some of the more serious issues we can help with include:

  • Missing premolars, which can occur in up to 4% of children.
  • Laser treatments to reform or recontour gums to help with things like impactions, overgrown gums, bulky frenums, and more. 
  • Overbite correction.

If you have an issue that requires more serious attention, don’t wait for a referral from your dentist or healthcare provider. Give us a call and we’ll help you understand what’s affecting your oral health or functions, and how to regain the quality of life you deserve.


With a focus on the right fit, orthodontic care becomes affordable.

When you truly don’t know how to deal with severe orthodontic issues (whether cosmetic or functional), it can feel very difficult to find the right answer. It’s especially frustrating when an orthodontic provider doesn’t take the time to understand your exact situation, and they instead offer a stock option, or the most expensive fix. 

We offer many different levels of treatment that meet patients where they’re at today. When you can easily understand the steps to getting a masterpiece smile, the cost becomes clear and often feels much more affordable than many patients expect. 


“My husband and son have both gone to Oppenhuizen. Excellent experiences with both.

My husband was the first to go and we paid our bill monthly. A couple of months after his braces were off, we received a check in the mail for a partial refund. I thought this must be a mistake. I called the office and they explained that it took less time than they thought. The refund was for that time. That is integrity! We will never go anywhere else. The office staff are always friendly and organized. Excellent results, highly recommend!”

-Betsy Apkarian


See for yourself, it’s never been easier to start.

Want to come see us in the office? We’d love to schedule an appointment today, and you reach us by phone at 616-392-1435. Prefer to get started today from home? Use our SmileSnap app to upload a few pictures and we’ll kick-off off the evaluation process right away!