Our Year in Review

We’re thrilled to reflect on an incredible year. Our patients’ testimonials take center stage, showcasing the heartwarming stories of transformation through treatment. From addressing TMJ disorders through orthodontics to our passion for treating patients with special needs, we also highlighted the role of compassion in care. Lastly, our comprehensive guide to braces-friendly foods ensures effective treatment while keeping meals enjoyable. As we review the year past and look ahead to what’s in store, our hopes are high for 2024!

Our Favorite Patient Testimonials

At Oppenhuizen Orthodontics, our passion lies in transforming lives through beautiful smiles and exceptional care. We take pride in fostering relationships that span generations; it’s heartwarming to see former young patients return with their own families. Our foundation is built on respecting your time, ensuring comfort, addressing financial considerations, and maintaining a trusted reputation in our community. 

We invited 4 valued patients to share their diverse experiences with Oppenhuizen Orthodontics:

There was a clear story present in all 4 testimonials: our patients remain loyal because of the experiences we offer. This experience includes punctuality, a relaxed environment, thorough education, and flexible treatment options across multiple locations. We also infuse artistry into orthodontic techniques, ensuring each smile is a masterpiece. Testimonials like Nicole’s acknowledgment of our commitment to “excellence” speak volumes about our dedication.

Our relentless pursuit of excellence and our genuine focus on your individual needs define our legacy in Holland and Zeeland. We’re here to guide you through a transformative orthodontic experience, crafting not just smiles, but stories that last a lifetime.

Using Orthodontics to Address TMJ Disorder

You know those tiny joints in your body that quietly enable everyday tasks like chewing and speaking? They might not be top of mind, but when the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) acts up, life gets tricky. TMJ disorders can be a real nuisance, causing discomfort and interfering with daily routines. Luckily, orthodontic treatment can be a game-changer in easing this discomfort.

Understanding TMJ disorders is key. These issues stem from various sources, from stress to misaligned teeth or grinding habits, leading to symptoms like jaw pain, clicking sounds, and trouble chewing. Orthodontic care helps in tackling TMJ discomfort.

Braces work wonders by fixing misalignments, reducing TMJ strain, and alleviating associated discomfort. Real patient stories, like Chris’s quick relief from TMJ pain thanks to braces, highlight the positive impact of orthodontic treatments.

While braces take the lead, there are other orthodontic methods like retainers and spacers that complement treatments, ensuring lasting results. Personalized treatment plans tailored to individual needs are at the core of orthodontic care, ensuring effective and comfortable solutions. Early action is key. If you suspect TMJ issues, scheduling a consultation is your first step towards relief.

Our Passion for Treating Patients with Special Needs

We have a distinct passion for crafting radiant smiles for individuals with special needs. This journey begins by recognizing the diversity among our patients, understanding the vast array of challenges they face, spanning developmental, cognitive, sensory, and physical aspects. Our mission to help these patients is clear: every smile matters, irrespective of unique circumstances.

We focus on a personalized approach, going beyond mere alignment to ensure comprehensive oral well-being. Effective communication isn’t just a skill; it’s the heart of patient-centric care. It involves tailored strategies, from simplified language to visual aids, fostering trust and understanding.

The pre-orthodontic assessment, a crucial phase, demands collaboration with healthcare pros to anticipate challenges and sculpt tailor-made treatment blueprints. Challenges during treatment, like communication barriers and sensory sensitivities, beckon customized solutions.

Our commitment extends to tailored treatment for autism spectrum disorders, sensory sensitivities, and physical limitations. From creating structured routines to customizing tools, precision is key.

Orthodontics isn’t just about teeth; it’s about collaboration with other care providers. Our alliance with diverse professionals ensures holistic care. Ultimately, our purpose transcends tooth alignment; it’s about igniting joy, confidence, and masterpiece smiles for every unique individual under our care.

Your Complete Guide to Braces-Friendly Foods

Last but not least, in 2023 we compiled a full guide to the best foods to eat or avoid while you’re undergoing treatment.

In orthodontics, a crucial yet often overlooked aspect is the role of diet and food choices during treatment. Understanding what patients should avoid and what they can indulge in is pivotal for effective treatment and preventing any complications.

Firstly, hard and sticky foods like nuts, popcorn, and caramel are highlighted as potential threats to braces, posing risks of damage. Moreover, foods that require intense biting, such as whole apples or tough bread, might lead to discomfort.

However, there’s a wealth of braces-friendly alternatives we typically endorse. Soft-cooked veggies like mashed potatoes and gentle fruits like bananas are recommended for their ease on braces. Alongside these, tender meats like chicken and protein-rich foods like tofu make for ideal choices for a well-balanced diet.

To keep meals enjoyable, you can opt for nutritious smoothies or soft dairy paired with fruits for a flavorful yet safe culinary experience. We also encourage soft bread, pasta, and snacks like cheese cubes or soft pretzels as braces-friendly options.

Consistency is the linchpin in maintaining a braces-friendly diet, safeguarding the braces, ensuring successful treatment, and overall oral health. Adhering to dietary guidelines helps produce the best outcomes while encouraging creativity in meal choices for a fulfilling and safe experience.


As we wrap up this year in review, we’re thankful for every patient that trusts us to help bring their new masterpiece smile to life, or to fix a persistent issue that causes pain and reduces quality of life. We’re excited for another year of serving the Holland and Zeeland communities with premier orthodontic treatment, industry-leading care, and the flexibility patients need for outstanding results and a great experience.