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Your smile is one of the first things people notice about you.

We want you to feel confident when you’re smiling.

Our passion is to help patients achieve the smile they’ve always wanted, and we’ve been doing it for patients young and old for decades. As one patient put it, “Without hesitation, Dr. O took us on and transformed the mess into a masterpiece.”

That’s just it. Your smile really is a work of art, a masterpiece.

We want to help you shine.

As we get started together, we need some general information about you and also your health and dental history.

The information you enter on the HIPPA-Compliant encrypted form only goes to our office database server. No one else has access to this information.


Simply take a SMILE SELFIE and you will recieve our artists’ expert opinion on what we can do to make your smile shine! Your new smile awaits.
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starting early

Catching orthodontic challenges early can save you time and money, and help your child gain the confidence of a beautiful smile from a young age.

That’s why we offer free consultations for children, and recommend they come to see us around age seven, even if they’re not ready for braces. We’ll develop a strategy for orthodontic care just as their adult teeth are emerging.

Your child will love our welcoming atmosphere, and friendly staff. They’ll feel safe and welcome here and will enjoy the games in our waiting room. According to one patient “Your staff was so great! Dr. Oppenhuizen is very caring with his patients. Thank you!”


The path to a masterpiece smile is built on a foundation of clear communication including an understanding of treatment options, expected timeline, and cost.

Because each smile is unique, the recommended treatment and cost will vary. Our free consultations are designed to ensure that you know what to expect, and how our flexible and convenient payment options can work for you.

When asked what our practice does best, one patient shared “Communicating and staying on schedule. Everyone works well together and can anticipate one another’s needs. Very neat to watch.”

News and Insights

from Dr. Oppenhuizen

Most of our team members have 20 years of experience (or more!) serving our patients alongside Dr. Oppenhuizen. We take pride in offering proven, time-tested treatment options with state of the art technology, and in bringing expertise and a real sense of artistry to even the most challenging orthodontic complications.

Is Smiling Really That Good For Your Health?

Something as simple as a smile doesn’t seem like it would have oodles of positive effects on our wellbeing, and yet medical research has shown time and time again that this is just the case.

How Orthodontic Issues Affect Your Sleep Quality

Learn about the role of braces and other orthodontic approaches in easing TMJ symptoms like difficulty chewing, headaches, jaw pain, and more.

Orthodontic Care that Feels Natural: Marci’s Story

Marci had three of her four children receive orthodontic care from Oppenhuizen Orthodontics, and she describes the care and communication throughout the process as feeling “natural.” Learn more about her story and get started on your own journey to a masterpiece smile at https://asmileworks.org.

2023: Our Year in Review

Explore Oppenhuizen Orthodontics’ transformative year with patient testimonials, TMJ disorder insights, special needs care, and a complete guide to braces-friendly foods in 2023.

Masterpiece Smiles for All: Navigating Care for Patients with Special Needs

From effective communication to personalized treatment approaches, discover how orthodontists navigate challenges and support special needs patients.

Unlocking Clear Speech: How Orthodontics Can Improve Pronunciation

Understand how orthodontics can help prevent or correct common bite and alignment issues that cause speech impediments and affect speech clarity.

Orthodontic Treatment for TMJ Disorders

Learn about the role of braces and other orthodontic approaches in easing TMJ symptoms like difficulty chewing, headaches, jaw pain, and more.

4 Patients Share their Experience with Oppenhuizen Orthodontics

Hear four Oppenhuizen Orthodontics patient testimonials as they describe treatment with multiple children and the convenience of multiple locations.

To Eat, or Not to Eat. Your Guide to the Best Foods for Braces

You can still enjoy good food while undergoing treatment with braces, but there are some snacks and meals to avoid. We cover a comprehensive list of what (and what not) to eat to stay healthy and safe during your treatment.

Caring for Your Smile After Braces

After braces come off, patients want to preserve their brand-new masterpiece smile. This article covers exactly how to keep a straight, bright smile for life.

Our Locations

Oppenhuizen Orthodontics is proud to serve West Michigan at its two Holland, Michigan locations.

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