Adult Orthodontics Doesn’t Have to Take Long or be Expensive


Many adults have a vision of adult orthodontics that entails great expense and a lengthy time commitment. But that isn’t always the case. Adult orthodontics doesn’t have to take long or be expensive. In fact, many relatively simple problems, like crowding in the lower teeth or a gap between the front teeth, can be corrected in as little as 6 months:

“What happens with adults is that they have a specific thing that they want to deal with, and are put off with their idea of what orthodontics is. Which is years and years of stuff, and that’s not necessarily what it is at all. We see many adults where we do things in a half a year, and something can be very simple and not so expensive.” – Dr. Greg Oppenhuizen

We’re big believers in crafting a shared vision for your smile. That’s why we begin with completely free evaluations, both in our office and virtually through our Smile Snap app.


Begin with a Free Evaluation


From the outset we want each of our patients to understand their treatment options, and to have a realistic timeline based on their orthodontic goals. That’s why our free evaluation will typically include a full mouth x-ray and a consultation with Dr. Oppenhuizen.


Get Started In Person or Online with Smile Snap


If a visit to one of our Holland and Zeeland offices isn’t possible, or if you’d prefer to get started from the comfort of your home, we also offer Smile Snap. This online platform allows you to submit a few photos of your smile and answer a few questions about your goals for Dr. Oppenhuizen’s review.

After his evaluation, a member of our team will follow up with a Dr. Oppenhuizen’s treatment recommendation.

If like Don Morren or Becky Marlink, you’re ready to make a change with your smile, let’s connect. Give us a call at 616-392-1435, or simply hit the contact button on the side of each page.