From Consultation to Sets of Braces for Three Children: Marci’s Story

Marci’s four children all saw Dr. Oppenhuizen for orthodontic consultation, with three of them ultimately getting treatment with braces. In this video, Marci explains how natural the process was and how great communication and understanding gave her children confidence to go into appointments on their own:

“I think what Dr. O does is he explains the process. So as a parent and never having gone through braces myself, I felt comfortable and confident in knowing what he was going to do for the kids. And he did he each one differently based on what their own mouths needed and not just a same thing across the board, which I really appreciated as a parent.”

Choosing Oppenhuizen Orthodontics

Marci began her orthodontist search early, with each of her children coming in for a free consultation. Our own in-house research shows most patients that come to us for treatment don’t wait for a referral from a dentist. And, in fact, we recommend a visit around age seven when a child’s permanent molars and front teeth are coming in. Seeing a child at this stage helps our team prepare for any interventions that may be necessary, either immediately or down the road.

We Always Start with a Free Evaluation

Our initial evaluations are always free, and we even offer SmileSnap, a simple online tool that allows you to get started with your evaluation from home by taking a few pictures. We always seek to shape a shared vision for each of our patient’s smiles, and as Marci shared, we work hard to make the process as natural as possible so that all our patients–either children or adults—really feel comfortable and understand the process.

Taking the First Step with Oppenhuizen Orthodontics

If you’re ready to feel more confident in your smile or to help your children with with smile or bite, visit our get started page, or give us a call. We’re always happy to address whatever questions you have about your smile and to walk you through your initial evaluation. In the meantime, take a virtual tour of our office and get to know a few of the friendly faces you’ll meet.