Oppenhuizen Orthodontics has proudly served thousands of patients in the Holland and Zeeland areas for over 20 years. We’re always thrilled when a former patient refers us to someone else or brings a family member to begin their journey toward a masterpiece smile. Hear from Angi Shelly about her experience with Oppenhuizen Orthodontics throughout the years and why she’s a satisfied patient for life.


A Lifelong Patient


Angi Shelley knows Oppenhuizen Orthodontics better than most, and she has continually returned to receive care from Dr. Oppenhuizen, though now it’s for her own family. 

“I was actually a client of Dr. Oppenhuizen as a teenager. When it came time for us to find orthodontic care for our children, I really wanted the Dr. O experience…I like the attention to detail that Dr. Oppenhuizen provides.”


What does Angi Like about Treatments with Oppenhuizen Orthodontics?


After her experience as an employee of other orthodontic providers, Angi knew that Oppenhuizen Orthodontics was the top choice for truly personalized attention and care. As she says, “Dr. Oppenhuizen does not do what I consider cookie cutter smiles. He’s more attentive to the masterpiece smile.”

Proven expertise, calm chair-side demeanor, and genuine desire to see everyone get the smile they deserve are all part of what sets Oppenhuizen Orthodontics apart.


How Can Oppenhuizen Orthodontics Serve Your Family?


We specialize in orthodontic services for all ages. Our treatments are always tailored to each patient’s individual needs, and include a wide range of treatments from braces to permanent retainers. While we love to help children from an early age, we also serve special needs cases and adults in any stage of life! 

Don’t take our word for it! We’re humbled to have Angi’s endorsement: “If you’re considering orthodontic care, I strongly suggest coming in for an evaluation. You really have nothing to lose.” Other Oppenhuizen Orthodontics patients, including Lydia Newhoff and Pam McCormick, have also recently shared about their positive experience receiving orthodontic care for themselves and their families. 

Schedule your evaluation or get started on the journey to a masterpiece smile today. 

“I think you’ll be really happy with the level of care and your masterpiece smile.” – Angi Shelley