Summer Is The Ideal Time To Start Treatment

There’s really no better time to begin your journey to a masterpiece smile than summer. You don’t need to wait for a dentist’s referral to get started.

We conduct 100% free consultations every day at our offices, because we want you to know exactly what treatment plan we recommend, the time you can expect to be in treatment, and the cost.

To help you get a sense of what it’s like to begin treatment with us, we have brand new walk-through videos of both of our Holland south and Holland/Zeeland north offices.


A Smile Can Change Your Life

We love getting patients started with their treatment in the summer because we know that a smile really can change a life. Lydia Newhof wanted the confidence that comes from loving your smile, and she was ready to relieve the tension she carried in her jaw. She knew other adults that had a great experience working with our team, and she was ready to get started. As she shared in the video above, the results of her treatment at Oppenhuizen Orthodontics changed her life.

Begin Treatment in May and June and Get Entered to Win

Like Lydia and so many other patients, we want you to absolutely love your smile. That’s why we’re offering the chance to receive $500 off treatment for every patient who begins in May or June this year. If you or your child begins treatment with us during May or June, we’ll enter you in the drawing happening in July. It’s that easy.

To take a next step, visit to schedule a free consultation with us. Or simply give us a call at 616 392 1435. We’ll see you here this summer.