Keeping You Safe During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it a much greater public awareness of how viruses spread. While Oppenhuizen Orthodontics has employed industry leading sanitization and sterilization practices for years, the pandemic has caused our practice to “up our game” as Dr. O shares in this insight video. Our commitment is to keep our patients and entire team safe.

Small Changes in Technique Make a Big Difference

“We’ve tried to do the one thing that dental office has as its greatest weakness, which is we try to reduce the amount of airborne aerosol that we create by using a hand piece. So we’ve modified techniques a little bit and we’re doing subtle things differently. It’s all those little things that have really dramatically reduced what goes into the air, and that’s what you’re breathing.” – Dr. Greg Oppenhuizen

Check-In Looks Different

Our check-in process now allows adults to remain outside rather than needing to remain in our waiting room. In addition to asking all patients to wash their hands, our patients also complete a brief questionnaire related to COVID symptoms and get a temperature check. These small shifts are aimed at keeping everyone safe and healthy, and we’ve found that visits to our offices still flow very well.

Virtual Options

For those who have had no treatment done but want to conduct a consultation with Dr. Oppenhuizen, we offer a free service through SmileSnap on our website. By taking a few smile selfies, Dr. Oppenhuizen can review your photos and offer guidance on a treatment plan, all from the convenience of your home.

“Send us some photos…tell us what your concerns are, and then we will get back with you pretty quickly on what it is that I see and what you can have done, where you can go, what needs to be done with your teeth and your smile. That’s true for kids and it’s true for adults.” – Dr. Greg Oppenhuizen

Committed to Your Safety During COVID and Beyond

Our entire team is committed to ensuring the safety of our patients and staff. Just as we’re known for excellent orthodontic outcomes, we want to be known for excellence in cleanliness, best practice in sterilization, and in making changes to halt the spread of the virus.

Like our patient Lydia Newhof, we believe a smile can change your life. We’re passionate about helping our patients gain the confidence that comes with a masterpiece smile, and that means a deep commitment to quality outcomes and patient safety.

How to Get Started

If you’re ready go get started on your journey to a masterpiece smile, just hit the contact button to reach out. Your treatment plan may take less time and cost less than you think!