How do you Evaluate Orthodontists?

We all want excellent medical care, and that includes excellence in our dental and orthodontic treatment. But determining which orthodontists are committed to demonstrated, ongoing excellence isn’t easy. How do you evaluate orthodontists?

Many of our patients do their own research by considering reviews and talking with family and friends about their experiences. That’s a great way to begin, and we’re grateful for the many positive reviews we’ve received online and to our patients who continue to refer their family and friends.

The Angle Society

As Dr. Oppenhuizen points out in this Dr. O. insight video, reviews and word of mouth are fantastic when evaluating orthodontists, but membership in the Angle Society is another positive indicator of professional excellence.

The Angle Society, of which Dr. Oppenhuizen is a member, is the nation’s leading organization for orthodontists, representing the best of the best. This invitation only society is made up of the top researchers and practitioners in the world.

Following a rigorous induction process in which new members must successfully treat a variety of difficult cases and produce original research, Angle Society members must then demonstrate ongoing excellence through regular reviews of their client cases.

A Seal of Excellence

When other clinical or professional metrics aren’t readily available or easily discerned, membership in the Angle Society is a good indicator of excellence:

“If you have to look for the proverbial good housekeeping seal of excellence when it comes to orthodontics, the Angle Society, that group, that’s your seal of excellence.” – Dr. Greg Oppenhuizen

You can learn more about the Angle Society Midwest at:​.

What a Smile Can Do

Why is orthodontic excellence so important? As Lydia Newhof shared with us, a smile can transform your confidence and change your life.

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