Excellence is Happening Behind the Scenes

In looking for an orthodontic home, it’s important to know what you want. As Dr. Oppenhuizen shares in this video, there are plenty of ways that orthodontists can cut corners, but the results are always something less than the best.

If you’re seeking excellence, attention to detail, and the absolute best in care, you want a team that approaches each interaction with a commitment to excellence. That’s exactly how our team approaches our work:

“Once they go through and actually get going, we’re still doing a million little teeny, tiny technique things that you would never know that we’re doing. There’s a lot of ways to cut corners and make things seem simpler, that really are just giving you some thing less. My goal is always to try to do the best. Every time I see you it’s the Super Bowl, and we’ve got one chance to do this really well.”

Understanding Your Needs and Doing Due Diligence

Before orthodontic treatment begins, we take the time to consult each patient about their desires and concerns. We also take the added step of doing x-rays free of charge. Not every practice takes this step, and it often results in finding problems our patients didn’t know existed:

“We take x-rays that are not done in a lot of places, and we see things that people never knew. They din’t know from the dentist and they didn’t even know from a previous orthodontic consultation that they had this problem or that problem.”

Getting Started On Your Masterpiece Smile Journey

We really believe that a smile can change a life, and it’s why so many of our adult patients have trusted our team with their children’s orthodontic care as well. We take a holistic approach to orthodontic care, and encourage parents to bring their children in for a consultation around age seven. This early visit gives Dr. Oppenhuizen time to see how a child’s bite is developing, talk through treatment scenarios when appropriate, and ultimately deliver the best possible outcome.

Our free, no obligation consultations are the best way to get started. We’re happy to welcome you in person at one of our offices, or you can begin online by sending us a few photos using our Smilesnap app.

Two Convenient Locations, One Unwavering Commitment to Excellence in Orthodontic Care

We offer two convenient locations to serve our patients. Both our Holland south side and our north side Holland/Zeeland office are open to serve clients consistent with DHHS guidelines and best practices to keep you and our team safe and healthy. This includes additional health and safety measures to ensure the safety and well being of our patients and staff.

If you’re ready to start your journey to a masterpiece smile, give us a call at 616-392-1435, or simply hit the contact button on the side of each page.