Lydia Newhof Was Ready to Feel Confident in Her Smile

Lydia Newhof wanted the confidence that comes from loving your smile. And she was ready to relieve the tension she carried in her jaw. She knew other adults that had a great experience working with Oppenhuizen Orthodontics to address challenges with their smiles, and she was ready to get started.

“I didn’t have any work done all growing up, and as I got older my teeth shifted. And it just started to get more and more difficult to be confident in my smile and confident around others.”

Choosing Oppenhuizen Orthodontics

Our in-house research shows most patients that come to us for treatment don’t wait for a referral from a dentist. Like Lydia, they do their own homework, and talk with friends and family they know in order to find out how satisfied patients are with the care they’e received.

“I had friends and family I knew that worked with [Dr. Oppenhuizen], and years later their teeth still looked fantastic. Going in there, first appointment, I had a lot of questions for him and he answered all of them very confidently. He did x-rays and you could tell he knew his stuff.”

We Begin with a Free Evaluation

We’re pleased to offer a free evaluation for each and every prospective patient that walks through our doors (or gets started online with our SmileSnap application). It’s our goal to craft a shared vision for each of our patient’s smiles, and as Lydia discovered, our entire team is dedicated to ensuring you feel comfortable and understand your treatment options:

“You could tell they really cared about their customers an the ultimate product of me being comfortable…If you’re an adult and you are having some issues with your bite or smile, or questions even, their process of informing you is very simple and easy, and it’s worth looking into.”

Adult Orthodontics May be Different than You Think

Lydia didn’t let a mental image of braces as an adolescent hold her back, and as so many of our happy patients has discovered, adult braces don’t have to be as expensive or time intensive as you might suspect. Many common challenges can be addressed in as a little as six months.

Take a First Step with Oppenhuizen Orthodontics

If you’re ready to feel more confident in your smile and to take a first step on your way to a masterpiece smile, visit our get started page, or give us a call. We’ll be happy to address whatever questions you have about your smile or bite and to walk you through your initial evaluation.

Like Lydia Newhof, we want to help more people experience the life changing confidence that comes with a masterpiece smile:

“Having braces with Dr. Oppenhuizen changed my life. Changed my smile, changed my life.” – Lydia Newhof