Adult Orthodontics begins with, “What do you Want?”

Dr. Oppenhuizen always asks his adult patients, “What do you want?” 

It may seem obvious, but putting a patient’s concerns and desires at the center of a treatment plan is part of what sets our team at Oppenhuizen Orthodontics apart. “What do you want?” is the starting place for crafting a unified vision for your future smile. Because each smile and each bite is unique, we believe your treatment should be too.

There’s nothing cookie cutter or off the shelf about our solutions, but it’s also true that in many cases, addressing an adult’s concerns with their smile doesn’t take that much time or expense. Adult orthodontics doesn’t have to be long or drawn out, and many of our patients are seeing results in as little as six months.

“Normally with an adult, I always ask them, ‘What do you want?'” “If you’re not completely pleased with your smile the way that it is right now, then you have nothing to lose by finding out what it would take to make this go for you, and it’s very likely not what you think.” – Dr. Greg Oppenhuizen


Free Consultations Mean You Have Nothing to Lose

Whether you’re dealing with a tooth that’s out of alignment, a little crowding in your lower teeth, or something more significant, we offer a free, no obligation orthodontic consultation to get you started. This can be done in person in our office, or you can get started online by sending us a few photos using our Smilesnap app.

Either way, Dr. Oppenhuizen will review your photos and x-rays to evaluate your smile, and he’ll listen to what you want prior to recommending a treatment plan to best address your concerns. It’s that simple.


Our Offices Are Now Open to See New Patients


Our two offices on Holland’s south side and our north side Holland/Zeeland office are now open to serve clients consistent with the governor’s executive orders. Please note that we are taking additional health and safety measures to ensure the safety and well being of our patients and staff.

If you’re ready to start your journey to a masterpiece smile, give us a call at 616-392-1435, or simply hit the contact button on the side of each page.