Don Morren Knew He Had to Make a Change

After his children received orthodontic care from Dr. Oppenhuizen, Don Morren decided it was time to address some issues with his own smile. He knew that he had twenty more years of chewing ahead of him. He also knew that his teeth weren’t going to make it.

Don came to Dr. O looking for options and for help to ensure that his teeth would go the distance. He’s already feeling more confident with his smile:

“I had a couple of issues with my teeth, and I realized I was going to need to chew for another twenty years or so. [A]s teeth would begin to move, it’s almost artistic the way that [Dr. O] can change a person’s teeth–make a person confident in their smile again.”

Adult Orthodontics Doesn’t Have to be Drawn Out or Expensive

Many adults are held back from taking care of issues with their teeth because they think the time and cost involved will be too much. In many cases, small issues can be addressed in as little as six months and without much cost.

Does Don’s story sound familiar? If you have some concerns with your smile or your bite (crowding and spacing issues), it’s totally worth contacting our office for a free evaluation. Dr. Oppenhuizen will clearly lay out your options and help craft a shared vision for your smile.

Set Up a Free Evaluation

Find more information about the process to get started on our blog, or give us a call. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and to set up a free initial evaluation.

Take the first step and get in touch if you want a confident smile that’s truly a masterpiece. We’ll serve you with expert care, and as Don put it–artistry.