Achieving that Dr. O Smile

In orthodontics as artwork, it really does come down to the little details. It’s the attention to details that make a “Dr. O smile” really something special and bring clients to us who’ve had previous orthodontic work done but desire some adjustments.

Dr. Oppenhuizen shares in this brief video how a patient who had orthodontic care at another practice came to him seeking “that Dr. O smile” and what he did to help:

“I looked at her and there were just little itty-bitty things. I mean she basically fit together, but she had just some slight irregularities that to my eye stood out.”

If you’re in a similar spot–maybe you’ve had some orthodontic work done in the past but things didn’t come together in the way you imagined–we’d love to help. And if you have no experience with orthodontic care, our team does a fantastic job of educating our patients and making sure you understand your treatment options on your way to a smile that’s truly a masterpiece.

Free Initial Evaluation

We offer an extensive complimentary initial evaluation and consultation including a panoramic x-ray. Your visit with our team and Dr. Oppenhuizen is completely free and will give you a good sense of treatment options, costs, and a path toward your own masterpiece smile.

No Referral Needed

While most of our patients are referred by their dentist, friends, or family, a referral is not necessary. We’d be happy to address your questions and lay out your treatment options for you or your child.

We do recommend that children come in for a free evaluation before all the permanent teeth (around age 7) are in even if they aren’t quite ready for braces.

You can learn more about the simple process of getting started here, or just call our office and a member of our team will walk you through the steps.